Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Friday, February 1, 2008

The End

Just as Lost is beginning (Jason's favorite show), Life Support is coming to an end. After much thought, and weeks of knowing it was time to let it go, I've decided to put an end to our Life Support blog. Being the last post, there is much I'd like to share with all of you.


Before July of 2007, I'd never blogged before. I'd tried a few times, but nothing ever sounded right. I think because it wasn't time, yet.

Life Support was started in July of 2007 to keep friends and family up-to-date on Isaac and our family as we navigated his first few weeks. Weeks turned to months and this really became our lifeline while we were in OH. I also blogged to keep a journal of all that was happening in our lives at that time. I did not keep any handwritten notes so everything I needed to say and think out was written here. Early on, someone who works with Jason (NOT us or our friends/family) contacted Joe Gartrell and the Canton Repository. That's where (most) everyone else joined our family on our journey to bring Isaac home. I had no idea how much our story would touch others. We were simply following a very crazy (but fantastic) plan God had thrown in front of us.

While I originally intended to continue posting, I feel Life Support has fulfilled it's original purpose. I also feel God pulling me in other directions. I'm somewhat of a creative non-fiction writer and want to focus my writing thoughts, there. I also scrapbook, or at least attempt to! Blogging for me takes up a lot of time--time I'd like to spend doing things I used to enjoy--kind of like finding myself all over again.


I continue to be VERY PASSIONATE about adoption advocacy and supporting families who are living away from home while their loved ones are hospitalized long-term. Anyone who wants to join forces or support either/both initiatives, I'd love to hear from you. Until Journey's End blog will continue so please follow along, there, to see what God is doing in the lives of others. Three Voices, as well, will continue on.

I am also passionate about YOU. If at ANY TIME, today, or 15 years from now, you want to email me about our journey, our faith, our struggles (we've faced other life-changing struggles never mentioned here), adoption questions or just to catch up, I'd love to hear from you. I'll make sure this blog always has an updated email address on it.


As a Jesus follower, I'm good at (the top 4):

--loving others

--following through on committments

--working hard

--being passionate about what I believe in

As a Jesus follower, I'm NOT good at (the top 5):

--praying (not because of how I do it, but because of how little I do it)

--reading my Bible (see above)

--giving God control of my life (especially in the little things)

--being respectful of my husband

--keeping my cool when I'm frustrated or angry

I struggle. I struggle in a lot of different areas, a lot of the time. Like everyone else, my faith-walk is full of valleys and mountain tops. You've been with us through an experience I never anticipated. I LOVE that God calls us to step out in faith (usually in a very big way so as not to let us think we can do it alone) and then provides the pathway minute-by-minute so we can't even begin to guess what's coming next. What an awesome God we serve.

One of my favorite worship songs is Bless the Lord by Jeff Deyo.

For Your beauty for Your goodness
And Your wisdom awesome God
Praise the Lord, oh my soul praise the Lord
For Your power for Your honor
And Your splendor mighty God
Praise the Lord oh my soul praise the Lord
Praise the Lord oh my soul praise the Lord

And I will worship You
I will bless Your name forever
I will worship You
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord

For Your kindness for Your favor
For Your mercy gracious One
Thank the Lord oh my soul thank the Lord
For Your fire for your testing
And Your Spirit Holy One
Thank the Lord oh my soul thank the Lord
Thank the Lord oh my soul thank the Lord

And I will worship You
I will bless Your name forever
I will worship You
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord

For Your suffering for Your anguish
And Your sorrow, humble King
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord
For Your victory for Your triumph
And You'll soon come and reign over us

Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord
Bless the Lord oh my soul bless the Lord

God is so good. From the moment I was born until the moment I die, God is good. All the time.


I think it's amazing how God (and Satan) stay current. You can find both right here in blogland. While so many of you were encouragers, supporters, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and prayer partners, there were also many here causing dissention and casting doubt on what was really happening here and in our lives. I did my best to ignore those people because Satan has NO POWER where God is ruling. I didn't want to give him a foothold (though my feelings were genuinely hurt with every horrible comment). I think it's important to remember that Satan will infiltrate wherever we'll let him. In our role as parents and significant others, as friends and neighbors and fellow bloggers. He knows our weaknesses and PREYS on them. That nasty, nasty devil.


I cannot express enough how much your support, love, encouragement and prayers have meant to us. I would've been a lot more lonely, all by myself, if not for all of you checking in and leaving me comments everyday. And, I'm very sure God was answering the prayers YOU were sending up on our behalf. I could FEEL it. I wish there was a more tangible way for me to thank you for all you've done for our family.

So many of you have become loved friends. Please, if you want to stay in touch (because I'd like to), send me a personal email. There are still several hundred people checking in everyday...I only "know" a handful of you by name. Please, if you feel comfortable, I'd love to personally here from you--know who you are. I'd love to update those of you who'd like to hear from us in the future. I'd hate to lose touch with those of you who have become such encouragers of what we've been doing and what we want to continue to do.


Jason continues to work as an attorney (although as of last Monday, in a different division) for the State of Michigan in Lansing. He's waiting to hear from the Michigan National Guard as to when he'll be going for his JAG training in Virginia. He's always wanted to serve his country and the National Guard is how he's chosen to do that.

I will continue to be a SAHM caring for Hannah and Isaac. We've started getting together with (healthy) friends on a limited basis and love it. In March, we'll be heading back to the Y so I can get in shape! I'll begin volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Grand Rapids later this month. Three Voices and Until Journey's End continue to be on my heart and mind. How the two will come together, I'm not sure, yet. I will continue to help those with adoption questions and concerns and will continue to send out weekly packages to families in need of support.

As a family, we'll be headed to Florida in March with Jason's dad. We're excited for our first family vacation (the first vacation for Jason and I since our honeymoon). And then, in April, we'll be headed to Canton and Akron (Ohio) for Isaac's adoption finalization.

Many, many blessings to each of you. I will pray an extra prayer tonight that God's will be done in each of your lives. Thank you for loving us. You've all been a part of God's plan in our lives. Just another step in this journey we didn't anticipate, but now, can't imagine life, without.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Papa's Little Peanut (better known as Tiffany Evans)

My Papa.

My Gram.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to discredit my parents or Jim as grandparents. Simply my thoughts and feelings about my grandparents and how much I miss Nancy and who she was and would've been.


When Nancy (Jason's mom) died, I was devastated. Overwhelmingly, because of the loss of a Grandma for my children. Retired and living an hour away, Grandma and Papa (as Hannah called them) visited every couple of weeks. Grandma would smother Hannah with kisses and hugs while Papa would immediately get down on the floor for whatever activity Hannah was desiring to play. Grandma would oversee playtime while Papa made a fool of himself, laughing at every turn. I remember Jim asking (too early on!) if Hannah could have chocolate. Silly Papa.

That's what grandparents do. They love. With wild abandon. To no end.

When Nancy died, every memory I had with my Gram and Papa sifted through my mind. And heart.

Going for walks in their neighborhood in the evening, eating ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanuts while lying between them in their bed watching TV, playing dress up in Gram's high heels, playing with my mom's Barbies on their living room floor, going to work with Gram when she owned a Christian book store, going to work with Gram when she worked for Papa...the smell of their house...the cookies in the same drawer, everytime I came over...the placement of the furniture, the feel of the carpet. Every nook and cranny of where they lived and who they were and now are, etched into my memory.

Everything about them makes my heart swell.

It saddens me very deeply when I think about all the memories I have, that my children will not. It was my little eutopia, impressing my experiences and memories of a Gram and Papa onto my children. That special love and laughter that as a parent, I cannot emulate. That hidden door in their hearts that only opens for a Gram and Papa. I cannot imagine my life without my grandparents. Even more so, I cannot imagine that for my children.

My grandparents mean more than the world to me. And I think about this often...something I even shared with Gram a few weeks ago. When they die, those days will be among the saddest in my life. But I rest in knowing I will see each of them again, for eternity. I will only be away from them for a few, short years before I am reunited with them forever in heaven. I look forward to meeting Jesus, but I'll also REALLY look forward to being in the arms of my grandparents again.


I don't like getting forwards. Impersonal. Usually unimportant. I don't even read them. Well, that's not true. I read some of them. The ones from Gram. Because if it's important enough to her, it's important enough to me. And that's the love we share. Period. That's it. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My dad and Hannah. The UofM visual implies NO endorsement of any kind. We bleed green and white. My dad on the other least it's basketball season and our football coach is on the up and up...ha ha...

My mom and Isaac.

Gram and the kiddos. Look at those silly faces!

Papa and Isaac.

The tent we made and slept in. Ever sleep on concrete? Feels good.

Honestly, it's becoming more and more difficult to find time/desire to blog, here. For a few reasons:

--Life is busy! Every parent can understand that, right?! Early in the morning I check everyone else's blogs and after the kids are in bed, I'm a zombie.

--There are other things I'm focusing my free time on. I will be volunteering at the RMDH here in Grand Rapids within the next month. Only a few days a month to begin with, but another priority just the same. I feel very strongly about giving back to RMDH and meeting and caring for the families, there. I'm also very focused on Until Journey's End and Three Voices. Mostly, getting gift packages out and figuring out how to meld the two orgs together. I cannot stand to let either one go, so I'm prayerfully trying to figure it all out.

There are still many of you who follow our blog and I LOVE that. I just feel like our life is so....boring now! I feel like I don't have much to say. There are so many blogs that I follow that people seem to have these AWESOME daily "journals," I just can't get into that, folks. It's also difficult to say some things I want to say, sometimes, because this is my REAL LIFE. Not that "Ohio" wasn't, but it's different, now. It's much easier for me to take negative comments to heart when I reveal very personal things about my life as a wife and mom "in the thick of it." All that to say, I apologize if I'm not as transparent as I have been?! It's purposeful. And I'm not sure how to change that. Or if I want to.

Besides, I'd rather have ALL OF YOU checking UJE everyday, instead!


Our visit with Gram and Papa was wonderful. We had a great time, as you can see from the photos. I love to see Gram and Papa's eyes light up when we visit. Hannah kept wanting Papa to pick her up...I don't think she realizes he's a GREAT Grandpa and is older than her Papa. We (Jason, Hannah and I) made and slept in a tent on the floor. Can you say BACK PAIN? And I'm not even 30, yet!!!

We also visited my parents, Mike and Patty. We had a great visit and Grandma Patty (who has been an elementary school teacher for over 30 years and now teaches preschool) had a lot of fun reading and playing with Hannah. I know Hannah's a little smarty, but it makes me feel good when others notice too...especially a preschool teacher!!!

Sidenote: Have I ever mentioned my parents are divorced? Don and Lisa (Bio mom and Step dad) live in Charlevoix, MI and Mike and Patty (Bio dad and Step mom) live in Grand Blanc, MI.

My view on my parents. I've never thought of my step parents as step parents. I've always felt like I've had 2 moms and 2 dads. I believe they've all contributed to who I am--and I'm proud of that. I love them all and each very much. I cannot imagine my life without each of them. I hate divorce, but I love the parents God has given me. All four of them!

Hannah's playing at the kitchen sink...I better go supervise...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Decisions: Do I place my child for adoption?

You might be surprised to hear that I don't suggest any particular websites or books or agencies when it comes to the decision to place your child for adoption.

Here's why.

There are a million people who want to tell you what they did or how they did it. There are a million people who want to give advice. But there isn't one person in YOUR situation. There's only one you and and you are the ONLY birthmom to your child.

You might regret not studying for an exam or dating a guy who was a real jerk, you might regret skipping breakfast or staying out too late. But you don't want to regret a wrong decision about parenting or placing your child for adoption. Some birthmoms choose to parent even though they have to quit college to do it. Some birthmoms choose to parent with or without the support of the father and family. You have to look at all those things for yourself. I'm not a birthmom, but I can only imagine that it will likely be the most difficult decision you will EVER make. Either way you choose. Because either choice means a great loss.

I'm an advocate for personal choice. I'm an advocate for what is best for you and your child.

The best way I know to sort through the emotions and thoughts and decisions of this magnitude is through prayer. God knows you inside and out. He created you and your baby. He has a plan for each of your lives. He will lead you to the right decision. I promise, if you ask, He'll answer. You'll just have to listen very carefully; which is why I don't advise talking to a lot of people who have a lot of advice. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish God's voice when you've got so many others whispering in your ear.

If you do choose to research your choices with the help of others, a few things to keep in mind:

--While adoption agencies do provide birth family counseling to help you make an "unbiased" decision, the agency WILL benefit if you choose to place your child for adoption. MAKE SURE they are not pressuring you either way. Do not sign anything. If you cannot talk with someone openly and honestly or you have a "gut feeling" it's not right, then it isn't. Run as fast as you can the other way.

--There are good adoption experiences and there are bad adoption experiences. There are open adoptions that work and some that don't. There are good adoption agencies and very bad ones. Make sure you hear both sides of every story and ask for references.

You are a very special person who God loves very much. Facing an unplanned pregnancy must be very overwhelming and scary. I will be praying for you and your child everyday. If you'd like to contact me personally and confidentially, please email me ( and we can chat online or exchange phone numbers.

One more thing. A verse I read while in Ohio that has stuck with me. I think it will be helpful to you, too:

"But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere." --James 3:17--

You are not making this decision alone. God is right there with you. And you'll know His voice when you hear the answer that is in agreement with James 3:17.

You are loved.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I thought we were working his neck muscles, he thought we were working his leg muscules...I giggled, he didn't.

Ok, so this one is pretty good...

Our little buddy, buddy.

Have you read the book Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell? If you haven't, pretend I'm Oprah and you read my bookclub books and run out TODAY and buy this book and read it. I did a quick read within the last month and then Jason read it so we could talk about it and now I'm reading it again with a highlighter. Listen, it's a challenging book. You'll walk away every time wide-eyed and speechless. Just thinking. I LOVE IT! I think faith is always evolving, changing, growing...and this book really lays it all on the line.

Things here are status quo. Isaac continues to smile and coo more and more. He has these HUGE, open mouth grins that I cannot seem to get a picture of! I think right now the biggest thing he needs to start doing is picking up his head when he's lying on his stomach (tummy time). His therapist isn't too concerned. I think this is the next big step for him and I really want to see some progress so we work on it every week.

Hannah continues to use the potty and we are very proud! She loves her brother so much--hugging and kissing him all the time. It's a joy to see their relationship grow and develop.

Besides the normal domestic duties of a SAHM, I've been thinking and praying a lot about Three Voices and Until Journey's End. I've been doing some research and reading...and what I could really use is some professional help. So, I'm asking. If there is anyone with experience setting up non-profits and non-profit work (and the ins and outs of all of it), and you'd like to volunteer some time to talk with Jason and I, we'd really appreciate it. We've been looking into umbrella non-profits, wondering if that's an avenue for us...we just need a sounding board other than each other. Please email me if you are interested in helping us move forward with these endeavors. We'd really appreciate it.

Gram, an answer to your question...yes, that line you see on Isaac's belly is from his surgical incision. And, at the top of his chest on the right is the scar from his Broviac. My little buddy buddy has battle scars! But that's ok because he won the war! Praise the Lord!

This weekend, we'll be headed to Grand Blanc, MI (about 2 hours from home) to stay and visit with my grandparents. Yep, that's right, Gram and Papa will be meeting Isaac for the first time! I'm thrilled to be headed their way. It's been way too long. I know you've all come to love my Gram; and honestly, who wouldn't?! I wish you could meet her in person. She's a gem. You'll be seeing pics of Gram and Papa with us so stay tuned!

One last we begin to settle into life, again, my mind and heart have started to drift back to thinking about God's plan. When I was in the "thick of it" (in Ohio) I felt like God was always there and holding things together. I gave it all to Him because it WAS too much for me. But coming home, I took charge know, just pushing into a routine so I could feel like things were "in order." I'm starting to s-l-o-w down again and take stock, really take stock. Focus on a God Plan instead of a Tiffany plan. Please pray I can make time for Him. Maybe stop looking at so many blogs. It's addicting. Seriously.

Have a great day tomorrow!

One more thing....check our latest update at Until Journey's End...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

UJE Update

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